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Journeys With Elliott

Dec 10, 2019

#journeyswithelliott ep.12.

Today we kick back and talk about one of the biggest passions I have in life - music. We discuss how I found music, and how my taste has evolved.

We also talk about current important topics in life right now, such as political correctness, fat-shaming, and Christmas.

Enjoy the...

Nov 27, 2019

#journeyswithelliott ep.11.

Learn how I built my business and YouTube channel whilst travelling around the world.

This episode also includes the results (so far) from my transition to a plant-based / vegan diet, Black Friday and Christmas preparations. I also get emotional reading a heartbreaking love story from a...

Nov 12, 2019

#journeyswithelliott ep.10.

Discover my recent experience at a wedding in Newcastle, and my short stopover in a place called Harrogate (in Yorkshire). I'll also talk about my 30-day vegan challenge, as well as my struggles with anxiety.

Enjoy the journey!



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Oct 16, 2019

#journeyswithelliott ep.9.

In this episode, we discuss my first day ever travelling abroad without supervision from parents (in Bangkok, Thailand) - this day includes someone trying to steal from me, and being scammed twice!

I also discuss my wedding plans, and how much I love Halloween!



Sep 18, 2019

#journeyswithelliott ep.8.

In this episode, we discuss my recent trip to Mijas & Malaga in Spain. I spend most of the time waffling about the beautiful things I saw, and the amazing food I ate. I also have a very personal, and special, story to tell you regarding something which happened there!

I also share a travel...