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Journeys With Elliott

Mar 16, 2021

#journeyswithelliott Season 2 Episode 2!

A brief catch-up around the topic of my very confusing life, I also share a funny story from a childhood trip to Florida in the USA involving being locked out of our house on the balcony! 

We cover the topic of music and I discuss some particular songs, which remind me of very...

Jul 7, 2020

#journeyswithelliott ep.17.

Another story from Elliott's travel journal! This time we are on a jungle trek in Thailand with a smelly French guy by my side riding elephants, white water rafting, jumping in water pools, and more!

We also discuss the current situation of the world since the Covid-19 outbreak and I share a...

Apr 21, 2020

#journeyswithelliott ep.15.

Today we are looking at the things we can do to keep ourselves entertained at home while we are stuck inside during the coronavirus pandemic. I also give my professional advice on how to work at home.

We also have a new segment where I read out the pages from my old travel journal, starting...

Feb 11, 2020

#journeyswithelliott ep.14.

Today I'm sharing a story from a trip to Cambodia, where I accidentally got high from eating something. I also share how much I love the country, and need to go back.

We also discuss the Coronavirus + Storm Ciara... As well as that, I have some motivation for those who are lacking it...

Nov 27, 2019

#journeyswithelliott ep.11.

Learn how I built my business and YouTube channel whilst travelling around the world.

This episode also includes the results (so far) from my transition to a plant-based / vegan diet, Black Friday and Christmas preparations. I also get emotional reading a heartbreaking love story from a...